New AM50 Series, electric counterbalanced trucks, were developed to achieve 3 merits, "Low Total Operating Cost", "Productivity" and "Safety & Comfort". 
The Total AC system reduces maintenance cost, keeping truck performance high. All-around Dual Drive provides outstanding travelling performance under any road conditions. Industry-leading Ergonomic Combination Lever helps the operator to maintain correct ergonomic operating posture. All features satisfy the customers in the rapidly growing material handling industry. 
Minimum Maintenance Cost with the total AC System 
You have to pay more maintenance cost for DC motor because it requires periodical parts replacement, such as brushes and contactors, to keep the performance. AE50/AM50 Series is powered by AC motors which don't need brushes and contactors. And the advantage of AC motor is not only low maintenance costs but high performance even at low battery levels 
Exceptional Durability with the Air-tight Wet Disc Break System 
Airtight means the brake is sealed to be protected from water and dust. Wet means brake disc soaks in oil. No water and dust invasion assures stable brake performance. And brake disc wear little in its life time to minimize the maintenance costs. 
Superb Travelling Performance due to our All Round Duel Drive System 
AE50/AM50 is equipped with 2 traveling motors. In the situation that the truck runs outside the warehouse, 1 motor doesn't achieve maximum efficiency under slippery snow, ice and puddles. 2 motors grip the ground firmly and provide a stable operation. 
IPX4 Waterproof Standard Specification 
Komatsu AE50/AM50 Series meets the IPX4 waterproof standard with the meticulous considerations in its proportional hydraulic control valves, control micro-switches, potentiometers as well as control signal circuits. With the reliable waterproof design, the trucks can easily be washed with running water. 
*IP: International Protection 
Ergonomic Combination Lever 
Operators feel tired with conventional dash board mounted control levers. Our Ergonomic Combination Lever solves the problem. You keep an ergonomic operating posture by using this forward-reverse switch which is integrated in the lever. 
Side Battery Access and Removal 
The AE50/AM50 Series makes the battery exchange safer and smoother, making it ideal for continuous operations 24 hours a day, 7days a week. 
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