The introduction of the new Komatsu Range represents a new standard for IC Engines in the forklift truck market. The product line now consists of 26 Diesel and LPG models ranging from AX50 1.5 ton to the EX50 16-ton..  
Our main objective was to satisfy customers needs by increasing their hourly productivity with a new “SLHS” hydraulic system, reduced energy consumption, low maintenance costs and operators who can continue to perform due to the comfortable driving conditions ensured by the revolutionary “Dual-Floating” design in which the engine, cab and transmission are independent of the frame. Contact us today for further information on our IC Engine range. 


Komatsu's electric counter balanced trucks bring bold improvements : reduction of total operating cost, high productivity resulting from outstanding performance that nears that of internal combustion engine trucks, great operator safety and comfort. 
Komatsu AE50/AM50 Series offers excellent ideas and features out of the diligent commitment to fulfill the customer needs. Either engine or electric, the AE50/AM50 Series has the answer to the most efficient cost reduction in material handling industry. 
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