AX50 / BX50 RANGE 
Komatsu Reliability 
Komatsu’s unique designs have further extended the life span of the truck. Both the new frame structure and changes to the mast improve durability. Improvement of the heat balance also enhances reliability during heavy operations. The meantime between failures (MTBF) has been extended by 40% plus. 
Maintenance and repair costs are minimized by extensive testing and quality inspections under different operating environments. 
Super Lift Hydraulic System 
The tandem pump operates the power steering and the lifting equipment independently. Komatsu’s hydraulic technology lifts the cargo at about double the lift speed of the previous model when idling. The truck also features fine adjustments for the fork position and superior operability of attachments when idling. It also allows the operator to perform stationary steering and start the truck smoothly without revving up the engine. Even in that case, the engine does not stall. This system is highly appreciated at jobsites where stationary steering is often required. 
The Super Lift Hydraulic Systems - available on the AX50 / BX50 Series. 
Exceptional Heat Balance 
The bell-shaped shroud concentrates cooling air into the radiator. The unique shape of the counterweight opening and fan improves cooling performance by increasing the airflow of cooling air. Plus, the Super Lift Hydraulic System (BX50 Series) is designed to reduce oil pressure loss, which also prevents the oil temperature from overheating. 
Small diameter steering wheel and fully hydrostatic power steering mechanism. 
The small diameter steering wheel provides 100% stationary steering and switch backs. The superior responsiveness of the steering wheel optimizes manoeuvrability even in narrow spaces. 
Fluctuations during travelling have also been reduced by more than 30% to improve travel performance. 
EPA Tier3 and 
EU Stage IIIA compliant diesel engines 
Diesel engines that incorporate Komatsu's advanced engine technologies feature excellent environmental performance and conform to the world latest EPA Tier3 and EU Stage IIIA emission regulations. 
The diesel engines mounted on the BX50 Series reduce particulate matter (PM) in the exhaust gases by 30% to reduce environmental load. 
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