The fusion of advanced engines and Komatsu’s unique hydraulic system enables the new DX50 Series to achieve a significant reduction in the total operation costs and facilitates superior work performance. Our innovative machines challenge the conventional concept of the forklift. 
Komatsu's Hydraulic System and New Diesel Engine reduces fuel consumption  
In order to minimize the engine load, the new DX50 Series adopts the Komatsu's latest hydraulic system. The compact 3.3-liter engine features superior performance and achieves up to 20% less fuel consumption. 
The Hydraulic load is automatically detected and only the appropriate amount of oil is supplied via a variable displacement pump. This system eliminates the loss of hydraulic oil and reduces the engine load. 
Greatly Reduced Total Operator Cost 
The new sealed wet disc brakes can withstand 10,000* hours operation without maintenance and eliminating frequent brake shoe replacements. The engine oil replacement interval has been extended for 300 hours, which reduces oil costs. The reduced maintenance costs and significant fuel saving provide a total operating cost reduction of about 14% over eight years of usage 
Our Advanced Technology offers reduced CO2 Emissions 
The new DX50 Series feature the SAA4D95LE-5-A engine in combination with Komatsu's efficient hydraulic system. This arrangement enables a reduction in annual CO2 emissions by about 7.2 tons. 
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