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We have fully equipped workshop facilities, manufacturer approved parts and trained engineers who specialise in refurbishing used equipment to high standards with fully supported warranties. We also refurbish warehouse equipment. 
Programme of Refurbishment 
Listed below in sectional order is our very comprehensive programme of refurbishment. 
Thoroughly inspected and tested for wear i.e. Compression, Sump Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Contamination and Radiator Pressure. If our test procedure reveals wear outside of acceptable limits, engine is overhauled. All fuel and electrical components are checked, tested and if necessary reconditioned. 
Thorough inspection and test for correct operation. Pressure test major components i.e. Torque Converter, Clutch Packs, Lubricating System and Oil Pump. Also check for contamination of oil and noise of operation. If tests reveal conditions which fall outside of acceptable limits, transmission is stripped and faulty components replaced. 
Thoroughly inspected and tested for wear i.e. Brushes, Commutator, Brush Holders, Bearings, Field windings and wiring. If our test procedure reveals wear, noise or vibration outside of the acceptable limit, motor is overhauled. 
Traction Convertor 
Thorough inspection of all components used to control speed and direction of drive, checking in particular working operation and condition of contacts, resistors, wiring and all components associated with electronic speed control. Any components that fail to operate correctly or do not pass our stringent procedures are replaced. 
Drive Axle 
Check for wear and noise of operation. Inspect oil for contamination. If amounts of wear are outside of acceptable limits axle is stripped and rebuilt, replacing faulty components. 
Steer Axle 
All joints and moving parts are inspected for wear and correct operation. Any parts found to be faulty or suspect are replaced. 
Mast Assembly 
Unit removed and stripped down. Bearing and assembly checked for wear and any sign of weld cracks. All necessary repairs and parts are undertaken and fitted. Lifting chains are tested, and if they do not pass the wear and stretch examination, new chains will be fitted and a current Chain Test Certificate will be supplied with the machine. 
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